7 Reasons to Consider Studying Abroad

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If you’re someone who has ever considered studying abroad but is unsure about it, this blog is for you. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience that offers numerous benefits. As someone who has personally experienced the advantages of studying abroad, I am here to share 7 compelling reasons why you should actively consider this opportunity.

1. Employability

One of the fundamental advantages of international education is its focus on employability. When you study abroad, educational institutions are dedicated to training you to be job-ready from day one. Whether it’s through classroom experiences or real-life practical training, you are exposed to opportunities that enhance your employability. Many courses even require internships or projects with companies, ensuring that you gain practical experience before you graduate. This focus on practical skills and experience sets international universities apart, and their high graduation to employment ratio reflects this commitment.

2. International Exposure

Studying abroad provides you with a unique opportunity for international exposure. You will be immersed in a diverse environment, surrounded by students and professors from all over the world. This exposure allows you to broaden your perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures. When I first went abroad, I was astounded by the diversity in my class. Interacting with people from various backgrounds enriched my experience and opened my mind to new opportunities. International exposure is a transformative experience that stays with you for a lifetime.

3. Diverse Courses and Specializations

International education offers a wide range of courses and specializations that allow you to mix and match your interests. Unlike traditional education systems, international universities encourage students to explore diverse subjects alongside their major. This flexibility enables you to pursue courses that align with your passions, enhance your employability, and build a strong network. By diversifying your learning experience, you become a well-rounded individual with a broader understanding of the world.

4. World-Class Faculty and Peer Group

When studying abroad, you have the privilege of learning from world-class faculty members and being surrounded by high-achieving peers. International universities attract top-notch professors who are not only experts in their fields but also actively engaged in research. This combination of teaching and research ensures that you receive the highest quality education. Additionally, your peers, who come from different countries and backgrounds, challenge and inspire you to push your limits. The presence of such exceptional faculty and peer groups elevates your learning experience to a whole new level.

5. Pathway to Permanent Residency

Studying abroad can provide you with a pathway to permanent residency in your desired country. Many countries offer favorable immigration policies for students who have completed their education there. For example, in the United States, after completing a Master’s program, students are often granted an additional year called Optional Practical Training (OPT) to find a job. This time allows you to gain work experience and apply for a work visa. These opportunities for permanent residency can be valuable for those considering a long-term career abroad or for future prospects.

6. Empathy, Adaptability, and Confidence

Studying abroad fosters essential qualities such as empathy, adaptability, and confidence. Living in a foreign country exposes you to different cultures and perspectives, teaching you to be empathetic and understanding towards others. You also become highly adaptable as you navigate through new environments, manage your finances, and handle daily life challenges. These experiences build resilience and shape your character, leading to increased confidence in your abilities. The skills and qualities developed during your study abroad journey are invaluable and will benefit you throughout your life.

7. Self-Discovery

Perhaps the most profound reason to consider studying abroad is the opportunity for self-discovery. Living away from home, managing your own expenses, and working part-time jobs provide a unique learning experience. You gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your capabilities. This journey of self-discovery is unparalleled and offers insights that no other experience can provide. By pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, you grow as an individual and acquire valuable life skills.


Studying abroad is a transformative experience that offers numerous benefits. The advantages of international education include enhanced employability, exposure to diverse cultures, access to a wide range of courses, exposure to world-class faculty and peers, pathways to permanent residency, development of empathy and adaptability, and the opportunity for self-discovery. If you are considering studying abroad, I highly recommend exploring your options and leveraging resources like Leverage Edu to guide you through the process. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience that opens doors to new opportunities and sets you on a path to personal and professional success.

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